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What we have done was to hunt down and offer a curated list of interesting and useful and quality items from the vast numbers of books, gear, music, personal care items, and other things which we know from our personal experience are os interest to our kind, people with an interest in self-development.

We are looking for people who will comment on their experiences with books, and to help us curate and select books and products. curators will be given a percentage of views of their own amazon affilaite ID in exchange for their work, and other honors and percs.

We are building a Kudos system to give thanks and honors to those who help us review and discuss the things we put up in this store. Kudos will be Reputation-system digital money. You will be able to spend them to buy stuff from this shop, or buy extra access to the new things that are in the plans for enlightenment com in 2017 and 2018. Kudos are not working yet, but if you comment, discuss, or suggest your entries are being counted and you will get Kudos for your time and energy and the quality of your contributions (as judged by both your peers in the discussions, abnd the enlightenment staff's impressions of your attentiveness and skills and experience.

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